CH-124 Sea King



As a Sikorsky licensed CH-124 (H-3/S-61) aircraft facility, IMP Aerospace continues to provide all levels of support to various fleets of aircraft around the world.

All levels of inspection and repair programs are currently underway for the Canadian Sea King fleet. Other customers have included the USN (United States Navy) and the Egyptian Air Force.

Modification Programs

As part of the effort to extend the service life and expand the role of the CH-124 Sea King, IMP Aerospace has completed several modification and improvement programs. These include:

  • Center Section Replacement Program
  • Improved troop carrying capability
  • Upgraded avionics
  • Installation of an improved self defence suite (SDS)
  • Machine gun mount and guard installation
  • Improved instrument video monitoring

Projects in support of training are also carried out, including the conversion of ASW aircraft to Waterbird configuration to allow for pilot training in ditching procedures, and the conversion of a damaged aircraft into a permanent maintenance trainer.

Modification Program - SeaKing