CP-140 Aurora/P-3 Orion

Aurora Maintenance


As a Lockheed Martin authorized P-3 Orion (CP-140) Service Center, IMP Aerospace is well placed to provide all levels of support to various fleets of aircraft around the world.

All levels of inspection and repair programs are currently underway for the Canadian Aurora fleet as well as many international P-3 customers. As part of these programs major structural and electrical repairs and modifications are being carried out and include:
  • Replacement of main spars on the CP-140/P-3 wings
  • Large scale structural repairs to horizontal stabilizers
  • Installation of new floor supports and insertion of additional windows into P-3 aircraft
  • Large scale replacement of Kapton wire
  • Complete avionics and mission systems upgrade for the CP-140

Wing Replacement

P-3 users are replacing major structural components of their aircraft in order to allow them to fly many more years. This project includes replacement of the aircraft wings, horizontal stabilizer and the centre wing box structure. In addition other areas of the aircraft will receive a major overhaul.

IMP is under contract to perform wing replacement on Norwegian P-3 aircraft and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CP-140 aircraft.  This makes IMP the world leader for P-3 wing replacement.

 Wing Replacement