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Avionics Upgrades & Electrical Modifications

Avionics Upgrades

IMP Aerospace has a long history of performing major aircraft electrical, avionics and mission systems replacements and modifications.  This type of work is a staple of the business of IMP Aerospace.  These projects have been performed on a variety of different aircraft types over the years, both fixed and rotary wing.

One example of this work is the CP-140 Aurora Incremental Modernization Project.  This multi-phase project, comprising a number of new, integrated on-board systems, has been an extraordinary challenge.  Tens of thousands of wire terminations have been required on each aircraft, as well as changes to the aircraft structure, cooling systems, and a myriad of other considerations in order to complete the installation package. 

In addition, IMP Aerospace has performed a countless number of stand-alone system modifications and upgrades.

All of these activities are conducted within a rigorously controlled environment that fully satisfies all airworthiness requirements.