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Beech 1900D Cockpit Modernization STC


IMP has developed and received approval for a Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”) for the Beechcraft 1900D Flight Deck Modernization. This modernization provides Beechcraft 1900D aircraft operators the necessary requirements to fly in today’s complex modern airspace. This includes greater situational awareness and reduced pilot workload with features such as Impending Stall Speed Warning, display of Wind Vectors on each pilot's primary flight display (”PFD”), and integration of Traffic Collision Avoidance System (“TCAS”) display on top of map indications on each pilot PFD. A further benefit is the full Digital Flight Director integration with Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (“LPV”), Lateral Navigation with Vertical Guidance (“LNAV+V”) path annunciations and display declutter at extreme attitudes.

The modernization program consists of:

  • Dual 8” x 10” Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 LCD displays as Pilot and Co-Pilot Primary Flight Display’s (“PFD”)
  • Garmin GTN 725 Wide Area Augmentation System (”WAAS”) – GPS with moving map, second GPS optionally available
  • Electronic Standby Attitude Module (“SAM”)
  • New audio switching panels
  • Integration with Rockwell Collins RTA-8X2 RADAR system
  • Dual digital Attitude Heading Reference Systems (“AHRS”) and dual digital Air Data Computer (“ADC”) units
  • Removal of all mechanical gyro’s and electro-mechanical flight instruments

Launch customer North Caribou Air (“NCA”), with operations in Calgary Alberta, Edmonton Alberta and Fort St. John, BC, is the first operator to be fitted with the IMP supplied Pro Line 21 IDS solution developed in partnership with Rockwell Collins (“RC”), specifically for the B1900D platform.

IMP can arrange fitment of this STC at IMP facilities across Canada along with select partners in South Africa and the United States. For more information, please contact;

Kevin Turple
Director Contracts
Office: +902 835-4433