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Canadian SAR Helicopter

Cormorant SAR Operation

As the prime contractor for In Service Support (ISS) to Canada's fleet of Cormorant Search and Rescue (SAR) CH-149 helicopters, IMP Aerospace & Defence provides all aspects of support to this critical fleet on behalf of the Department of National Defence.

Since August 2000, IMP Aerospace & Defence has been delivering this service, which includes highly trained personnel at the Cormorant Support Centre in Halifax and at the main operating bases at Comox, Greenwood, and Gander.

ISS includes the following services for the Cormorant fleet for first, second and third-line activities:

  • Program Management
  • Airworthiness
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Logistical Support
  • Technical Training

 This Program provides a unique "turn-key" ISS arrangement for DND and SAR operations, with Canada's Air Force maintaining responsibility for Program oversight and the provision of aircrew.

Technical Expertise

As a DND Accredited Maintenance Organization (AMO), Cormorant technicians conduct aircraft servicing and all levels of preventative and corrective maintenance, including responsibility for component and support equipment servicing and all aircraft modifications. Technicians at the bases are on-call for SAR operations around the clock.

As a DND Accredited Technical Organization (ATO), Cormorant engineers and technical specialists ensure the Cormorant fleet is fully airworthy in accordance with DND policy.  Activities within the ATO include the provision of engineering support and services, airworthiness, logistics support, risk assessment and mitigation, data and configuration management, and design of aircraft repairs and modifications.

Cormorant ISS Material personnel manage all aspects of the Cormorant inventory and supply chain, component repair and overhaul services, warehousing, and disposal requirements.

Cormorant Technical Expertise