The capability listing document, below, is a partial listing of equipment that has been at Pacific Avionics & Instruments for repair. Most of this equipment was serviced in our avionics and instruments shops, some units were forwarded to the equipment’s Original Equipment Manufacturer for service. Our regulators require that we have current technical data to support maintenance on the products that we service. We must confirm the currency of our technical data prior to starting any work. Some OEM’s do not support third party repairs and will not provide current technical data. Some OEM’s are no longer in business or have merged with other OEM’s. In short the attached list should be considered representative of the components that Pacific Avionics & Instruments has capability to work on. Our capability is primarily limited to the availability of current technical data.

To absolutely confirm our capability please contact:

Kevin Turple
Manager, Contracts & Administration
IMP Electronic Systems
902-832-3358 (Office)
902-292-9566 (Mobile)