CH-149 Cormorant

CH-149 Cormorant IMP Aerospace has conducted an Aircraft Sampling Inspection program for the CH-149 which laid the foundation for developing a comprehensive 3rd level (Depot) maintenance program for this aircraft.

IMP's in-depth maintenance and engineering capability allows the company to perform complex repairs, for example:

  • removal and replacement of critical structure including torsion box frames and ribs
  • mitigation of fuel bay and APU deck corrosion

Off Aircraft Repair & Overhaul

As part of an effort to improve the support to the Cormorant fleet, IMP Aerospace continues to expand support for R&O for components, including:

  • Nose and Main Landing Gear Bay Maintenance;
  • Flight Control Levers (Bell Cranks);


In support of the depth maintenance DLM Program, IMP manufactures piece parts as required, including the match drilling of new seat rails.