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163 Susie Lake Crescent
Halifax, NS B3S 1C3
Phone: 902-454-8393
Fax: 902-454-8433
Toll Free: 1-888-839-8393

Dental Source Canada

Dental source canada

In 1999, Dental Source Canada was built on the established and experienced logistics networks of the former business unit, CAN-med Surgical Supplies. Now operating with the guidance of CAN-med Healthcare, Dental Source Canada provides dental products to the busy dental community.  

From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dental Source Canada sells an extensive line of consumable products to the Maritime dental community and offers regional customer service as well as inventory. To keep up with the busy dental community, Dental Source Canada with its locally based warehouse, is committed to providing next business day delivery on many of the products the dental industry requires.  With the logistics and administrative support of CAN-med Healthcare’s infrastructure, Dental Source Canada and its experienced staff, supply products to the dental industry and ensure smooth, uninterrupted day to day operations.

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