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Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities - Wire Harness Support

IMP Electronic Systems provides a wide range of services to support both mature and modern aircraft as well as land vehicle platforms. The following engineering services are available either as a stand alone service or bundled within a full life-cycle contract:

  • Wire Harness Design/Rapid Prototyping
  • Space Wire Harness Systems Design
  • Reverse Engineering of Aircraft Systems Wiring
  • EMC/EMI Compliance Testing
  • Material Analysis, Substitution Studies
  • Harsh Environment Studies – Corrosion, EMI, High Heat, Space Applications
  • Wire Marking  Alternatives

Engineering Capabilities - Avionics Support

  • Engineering Design and Development
  • Qualification & Certification
  • Environmental & Vibration Testing
  • EMI/EMC Compliance Testing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Material Obsolescence Analysis
  • Equipment Modification & Integration
  • Life Cycle Support on Mature Avionics Systems
  • Project Management
  • Test Methods
  • Configuration Management