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Cascade Aerospace Delivers 100th CC-130 to the Royal Canadian Air Force


Cascade Aerospace, an Operating Unit of IMP Aerospace & Defence, today celebrated the 100th delivery of a CC-130 Hercules aircraft from its base in Abbotsford, British Columbia to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) following scheduled maintenance.   The aircraft will be returned to service to continue its role as one of Canada’s premier long range Fixed Wing Search and Rescue aircraft.   This marks a significant milestone achievement for Cascade Aerospace and its multi-year contract with the RCAF as the prime contractor responsible for program management, engineering, maintenance, materiel and technical support for Canada’s fleet of CC-130 Hercules aircraft. 

Canada’s CC-130 fleet has a proven operational record of fulfilling multi-mission roles including troop transport, tactical airlift (both palletized and vehicular cargo), search and rescue (SAR), air-to-air refueling (AAR), and aircrew training. The key to the CC-130’s success in Canada is its capability of short takeoffs and landings (STOL) on unprepared runways, along with unmatched long range capability and endurance, allowing it to respond to SAR emergencies on almost any terrain and under the most challenging weather conditions.

“Cascade Aerospace has supported the RCAF’s CC-130 fleet since 2005. Over these last ten years, Cascade has grown to become one of the world’s leading C-130 Hercules experts allowing Cascade and its 700 employees to provide exceptional service to Canada as well as to international militaries around the world.” said Mr. Ben Boehm, Executive Vice President and COO for Cascade Aerospace. “Cascade has worked hard to achieve this milestone and we look forward to continuing our support for the RCAF’s CC-130 fleet well in to the future.”

As a Lockheed Martin Authorized C-130 Service Center and one of only two Lockheed Martin Authorized C-130J Heavy Maintenance Centers in the world, Cascade Aerospace provides modernization programs and In-Service Support to Canadian and international C-130 fleets to ensure the aircraft can be safely and efficiently operated for many years of additional service.  All work is completed to the highest standard and in full compliance with all airworthiness and regulatory requirements.

About Cascade Aerospace
Cascade Aerospace, an Operating Unit of IMP Aerospace & Defence, is a leading Canadian specialty aerospace contractor that provides long-term integrated aircraft fleet support and program management, aircraft maintenance, modification, engineering and integrated logistics support to domestic and international military, government, and commercial customers.

IMP Aerospace & Defence is a Business Unit of IMP Group, a Halifax-based company focused on global sustainable growth, with over 4,400 experienced people delivering service, quality and value to customers across diverse sectors including aerospace, aviation, airline, healthcare, information technology, hospitality, and property development.

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