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Pacific Avionics & Instruments

3 November 2016

IMP Aerospace Transition of Pacific Avionics into IMP Electronic Systems

Pacific Avionics & Instruments has become an industry leader in the repair, overhaul, modification, installation, and sale of avionics equipment and instruments servicing customers from coast to coast in Canada and internationally. In an effort to continue to expand our service capabilities to our customers, we will be amalgamating our operation into I.M.P. Electronic Systems (IMP ES), a related division of I.M.P. Aerospace, located in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia.

IMP ES commenced operations as IMP Avionics in 1977, mainly supporting the avionics requirements of the Royal Canadian Air Force SeaKing and CP140 Aurora (P-3) fleets. In addition to being very synergistic with the capabilities offered by Pacific Avionics, IMP ES has expanded its capabilities and grown significantly to include the design, manufacture, repair, refurbishment and modification of electronic boxes and cable assemblies. These electronic products are supplied to the aerospace, naval, land vehicle, and space satellite industries for Canadian, US, and International military and commercial customers.

The provision of all services provided by Pacific Avionics to the end of 2016 will be transitioned and commence at IMP ES beginning in January. This transition will thus permit IMP Aerospace & Defence to provide a much wider array of services to its key customers within one consolidated facility. IMP Aerospace and Defence looks forward to continuing to serve you with the offer of an expanded portfolio of experience. Our management and staff at both Pacific Avionics and IMP ES are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible.

Your requirements should now be shipped to:

IMP Electronic Systems
3101 Hammonds Plains Road
Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia
Canada B3Z 1H7

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to call any of the undersigned.

John Martell
VP and General Manager Avionics
IMP Electronic Systems