Paint & Process

Paint and ProcessThe Paint Hangar is an environmentally controlled, purpose-built facility capable of painting large aircraft and components. It meets all environmental and health and safety regulations for this type of process and is carefully monitored to provide a quality product.

In addition to the main hangar space there are separate areas for the painting of components and detail parts as well as a paint strip annex for paint removal from components and airframes.

Protective Treatments

In support of the aircraft programs and parts manufacturing, the paint and process section provides a variety of protective treatments. These include:

  • Chromic acid anodize coating for aluminum
  • Chemical conversion coating (CCC) for aluminum
  • Cadmium plating of steels and other alloys
  • Passivation treatment for corrosion resistant steels
  • Heat treatment of various aluminum alloys

Continuous modernization of these shops ensures state of the art service to all customers.

Paint and Process Protective Treatments