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Special Processing Capabilities

Special Processing

To support the critical part finishing requirements, IMP Aerostructures has developed extensive, NADCAP certified special processing capabilities. Through the control of the special processing capability and capacity, IMP Aerostructures has the ability to manufacture and finish 98% of all products produced, thus reducing the reliance on sub-contract services.

Our special processes and bonding capabilities are fully supported by our in-house laboratory that performs the required material testing, chemical testing and full destruct test analysis for the products produced.

The special processing capabilities include:

  •  Heat treatment and heat age
  •  Alodine 1200 and 1500
  •  Chromic acid anodize
  •  Sodium dichromate seal
  •  Nitric acid passivate
  •  Phosphoric Acid Anodize
  •  Fluorescent penetrant inspection
  •  Paint


 Special Processing capabilities