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Specialty Engineering

Aerospace Specialty Engineering

Materials, Processes & Environmental Engineering

Aerospace Engineering provides expert support in the area of Materials, Processes and Environmental Engineering to ensure the safety and effectiveness of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul activities. Aircraft Paint System Applications and Corrosion Control & Prevention Programs are a primary focus in this area.

These Engineering Specialists are often tasked with identifying, evaluating and testing replacement materials and alternative processes, in order to achieve the original aircraft design specifications while using modern, environmentally compatible substitutes.

Development and implementation of more efficient and effective Non-Destructive Test criteria is another key role of Aerospace Engineering in support of aircraft maintenance operations.

Airworthiness Certification Engineering

Aerospace Engineering has a recognized capability in the area of Airworthiness Certification, and has been granted the status of an Accredited Technical Organization by the Canadian Department of National Defence and a Design Approval Organization by Transport Canada. Typical services in this specialty area include the development of:

  • Engineering Process Manuals
  • Design Approval Manuals
  • Compliance Programs
  • Certification Plans
  • Proof of Compliance Reports
  • STCs, RDAs