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Structural Assemblies

Structural Assemblies

IMP Aerostructures provides a wide variety of structural assembly capabilities for the aerospace industry. IMP uses Lean Manufacturing techniques to develop product focused manufacturing cells to efficiently assemble a vast array of aircraft structural assemblies.
Through its focus on lean efficient processes, IMP Aerostructures manufactures structural sub-assemblies for major OEM’s like Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Cessna, & Lockheed Martin.



The types of tier 2 products produced include:

  •  Aircraft Flight Control Assemblies 
    • Elevator Assemblies
    • Rudder Assemblies
    • Bomb Bay Doors
    • Ailerons
    • Flaps
    • Spoilers
  • Helicopter Structures
    • Wings
    • Instrument Panels
    • Vertical Fins
    • Horizontal Stabilizers
    • Elevators
    • Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

 Structural Assembly