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We deliver on the customer promise through the strength of our team, the opportunities generated through our centres of excellence, and in the security of knowing we deliver the best.


As a powerful private entity, our diversity and strength are achieved by connecting our core solutions in aerospace, aviation, airline, hospitality, information technology, real estate, healthcare and global customer support to customers’ needs. Together, we create a better environment to live, work and enjoy.


Passion: I will have passion to succeed
A passion to win new business and retain existing customers. A passion for quality and service excellence. A passion to be the best that we all can be.
Integrity: I will be honest in my actions
IMP upholds integrity as a key ingredient of our success. Being honest results in meaningful relationships that endure.
Lead by Choice: I will lead by being the best that I can be
We will lead in the markets we choose based on our core competences. We choose to give back to others in need.
Loyalty: IMP is loyal to me. I, in turn, will be loyal to IMP
Loyalty is imperative. Loyalty to our customers. Loyalty to IMP. Loyalty to one another.
A Drive for Results: I will aspire to deliver on the promise
We strive to be number one in each of our industry sectors and if not, we must be a strong number two!
Thirst to Innovate: I will work to improve how I contribute
IMP will always win and keep business by innovation around our products and services, how we sell and price them, and how we deliver the solution.
Diversity: I will understand and appreciate differences
IMP values diversity: in our products and services, in the people we employ, in our customers and in the way we work together.
Mutual Respect: I will respect our history AND contribute to our future
We will respect our history, vision, values and guiding principles. We will respect one another, our customers and the environment.

Guiding Principles

These principles are designed to help us make timely decisions aligned with our vision, mission and values. Only one question will ever need to be asked of any proposed course of action – Does it follow our guiding principles?

To win, we must listen to our employees and to our customers. This winning combination will define our business and measure our success.
Don’t Paint the Mast While there is a Hole in the Boat
To ensure stability, we must concentrate on essential matters in order to move ahead.
Grow the Company
To remain competitive, we must understand our competitive landscape to sensibly grow. To achieve this growth, we must expand our existing businesses or acquire others. Our market is the world.
Drive Our Own Destiny
To stay strong and drive global opportunities, we will remain a private, secure company, with global reach.
Focus On What We Know Best To be world class
We must do so by, “sticking to our knitting.” We must focus on what we know. We will capitalize on new growth opportunities based on careful scrutiny.
Be Disciplined
To manage and deliver on our commitment to customers, we must adapt to change and have the courage and discipline to do it wisely.