Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group Unifies Aviation Brands under Execaire Aviation


Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group, a division of IMP Group Ltd. a leading force in Canadian private aviation, proudly unveils the consolidation and rebranding of its esteemed brands under the unified banner of Execaire Aviation. This strategic move brings together renowned names in aviation, including Innotech-Aviation, Execaire, Image Air, and Skycharter Ltd., under the singular identity of Execaire Aviation, where the trusted legacy has evolved.

With a legacy spanning over 60 years, Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation in the aviation industry. As part of its evolution, the decision to unite its brands reflects a commitment to streamlining operations and enhancing customer experience under the cohesive brand of Execaire Aviation.

Execaire Aviation stands as a symbol of reliability, boasting a heritage of safety, expertise, and uncompromising service. By consolidating its brands under Execaire Aviation, the company reaffirms its dedication to delivering top-notch aviation services with a focus on excellence and innovation.

Under the unified banner of Execaire Aviation, clients can expect a holistic approach to aviation solutions, encompassing private jet charter, aircraft management, MRO maintenance, aircraft sales & acquisitions, flight operations, and FBO services. Execaire Aviation's commitment to excellence remains at the forefront, ensuring that every aspect of clients' aviation needs is met with precision and care.

"Our new tagline, 'A Trusted Legacy Evolved,' reflects our journey of continuous growth and adaptation," said Michael Fedele, President at Execaire Aviation. "We are proud to unify our brands under Execaire Aviation, further strengthening our position as a leader in the industry."

Execaire Aviation's trusted legacy of over 60 years serves as a testament to its dedication to excellence and innovation. As the company continues to evolve, it remains committed to delivering unparalleled service and ensuring that clients' journeys are safe, efficient, and memorable.

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